Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hans leaves today to go on a long journey

Suppose that we, to-morrow or the next day,
Came to an end - in storm the shafting broken,
Or a mistaken signal, the flange lifting –
Would that be premature, a text for sorrow?

Say what endurance gives or death denies us.
Love’s proved in its creation, not eternity:
Like leaf or linnet, the true heart’s affection
Is born, dies later, asks no reassurance.

Over dark wood rises one dawn felicitous,
Bright through her awakened shadow falls her crystal
Cadenzas, and once for all the wood is quickened
So our joys visit us, and it suffices.

-- From C Day Lewis, Feathers to Iron

Hans, beautiful Dad of our gorgeous children, travel well; be safe; be happy. I'll resurrect this Blog - albeit under a slightly different name - to keep you and other far-away family up to date with photos and stories of our girls, and life here in the Northern Rivers.

(For the readers not up to date with developments:
I now live at 308 with my much-loved John. Hans, when in Australia, lives at The Myth, and when in Portugal, with his beautiful Niki).

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