Saturday, October 20, 2012

Remember Captain Rainbow and his Missus, the Eastern Rosellas?

These are the children of Capt Rainbow II and the Missus II (Long story. Ask Sunny the cat ...  :-(  )

This is the nesting box I built two years ago. There are six of them at least, so a big brood for eastern rosellas ... aren't they beautiful? (hmm ...  well, their mother loves them, anyway).

But here at the Grange we're enchanted.

Click for a larger image

Happiness is ... cuddling your puppy

Well, officially not a puppy anymore, as Radha is now one year old.

Here's Briony giving her a cuddle.

The filly goes for a walk

Here's an early morning photo of our youngest horse, Romany Ruby Smudge Muffin (yeah, yeah, she was named by the entire committee of teenage Grange girls), going for a wander down towards the valley. What a view to wake up to ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy birthday Marc!

Well, it's still 9 October in Europe ...  so here is a happy birthday card for Marc, my much loved and much-missed brother!

This is a sketch / doodle Marc and I made together in the kitchen at Crieve Lodge (RMB 602B, Goulburn NSW), while my mother was on the phone, back in 1981 or so, and which I have treasured and kept all these years. I'm wondering how to explain the context of this drawing, but I've decided I can't ... Suffice to say, we were pretty much rolling on the floor, helpless with laughter. I know, I know, you kinda had to be there ...

The drawing is called "Schoft"

Happy happy birthday, Marc. Thank you for all the merriment, humour, and laughter that we have shared. I love you! xxx Mieke