Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy birthday Marc!

Well, it's still 9 October in Europe ...  so here is a happy birthday card for Marc, my much loved and much-missed brother!

This is a sketch / doodle Marc and I made together in the kitchen at Crieve Lodge (RMB 602B, Goulburn NSW), while my mother was on the phone, back in 1981 or so, and which I have treasured and kept all these years. I'm wondering how to explain the context of this drawing, but I've decided I can't ... Suffice to say, we were pretty much rolling on the floor, helpless with laughter. I know, I know, you kinda had to be there ...

The drawing is called "Schoft"

Happy happy birthday, Marc. Thank you for all the merriment, humour, and laughter that we have shared. I love you! xxx Mieke

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Esmée said...

pappa's blogspot that he made in australia ;)