Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new beginning: The Grange

High on the volcanic basalt ridge of one of Wollumbin's furthest spurs lies the village of Clunes, population 450 (or thereabouts). Possibly the first house built there is The Grange, built of local hardwoods (mostly teak), in the late 1800s. Although well cared for by the Battistuzi family from the 1970s till the turn of this century, it has since fallen into some disrepair.

This is the house that John and I have just bought, and will be gently and lovingly restoring over the coming years. It has five bedrooms, and comes with ten acres of undulating land for our horses to graze on (although we'll probably appreciate the spectacular views as in the photo above, more than they will). Most of all, though, it comes suffused with hope, and love, and space for new beginnings.

Welcome home John and Mieke, a place for us, a place for our daughters.

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Anonymous said...

yeah!!! And I will come over soon to inspect for myself. Congratulations on a new home and a new wonderful loving future..... for you John and your girls... all of them..