Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yarrow has a new bed

Four of the five bedrooms at the Grange had a double bed: the odd one out being Yarrow's, which had a rather wobbly bunk bed. Nice for the occasional guest sleepover, but there is usually a spare bedroom here anyway, depending on which of the girls are staying where. (Bella, a grown young lady now, hardly sleeps here anymore, as she has the Myth and her Bails cottage at her Mum's house ... not to mention her lovely loving boyfriend Tim ...).

And young Grange girls being young girls, they like to lounge around on beds and chat and read and watch movies with their sisters, and Yarrow's bed was not too conducive to that sort of social behaviour.

So, when walking through a furniture store in Ballina while whiling away time before dropping Kat at the airport, Tess, Yarrow, Kat and I saw this lovely bed ... which Yarrow "reeeeeeeelly reeeeeeellly liked, Mum". And it wasn't too $$ so I bought it and after dropping Kat at the plane (Bye darling Kat!! Come again soon!!) we managed to squish the packages into the Subaru Forester ("Well if fold this chair down, and we angle it *this* way, and slide that *there*, and fold this underneath, and sandwich Yarrow against the door and fold Tess in six ungainly positions -- OK, don't breathe for about half an hour, Tess, no worries, should be right -- it *should* fit. There!").

Then in the evening Yarrow and I dismantled her old bed and put it away (nicely labelling each part and cling-wrapping the bolts to the relevant posts for future assembly). Then Yarrow unpacked the new bed and deciphered the quite reasonable instructions and then with only a bit of help from me, assembled it. And here it is. New bed for Yarrow!

I took the photo by holding my camera high above my head and hoping for a reasonable focus / pic. Not too bad ...


chindarah said...

What a lovely bed!! :) xxdaddyxxx

chindarah said...

What a lovely bed!! xxxdaddyxx