Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damp days: flooding in QLD and Northern Rivers NSW

There is much lovely stuff that I have not yet blogged about, such as Sarah's graduation and Briony's birthday and the two short but lovely holidays on Stradbroke Island. But it's raining and damp and floods have been affecting Northern NSW and QLD. At the time of writing Brisbane CBD is being evacuated, Ipswich has been evacuated and closed down (the electricity to the city has been turned off); and Toowoomba is reeling from the flash flooding. Gympie is cut in half by floods (you OK, Tony and Tuffy?). I sincerely feel for those who are affected by the floods, espeically those who have lost homes and family.

Fortunately, here at The Grange we're so high on the ridge that I cannot imagine a flood ever reaching our house (though we do get rain inundations which turn our driveway into a small creek and we frequently get cut off by road when the Wilson River breaks its banks, which it does at around the 8 metre mark.).

The video below shows the astounding speed at which a flash flood develops, as well as its incredible power as it sweeps the cars away.

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald


Cees said...

Dear Mieke,
Glad to hear you're safe & sound at The Grange! - I have been getting a bit worried about the floodings. Judging from what I found on the Internet, things seemed all right in your area. But still... Hope Hans & your parents are okay too.
Thanks for keeping us informed!
PS. What lovely photographs of the pinup girls! Was reminded of Fiddler on the Roof, Sunrise Sunset (Spotify)

Dr. Mieke said...

Great to hear from you Cees! Hans and the Parentals are doing well, staying dry. You can keep up with Hans via his blog,

Yes those girls sure are lovely, I agree :-)