Monday, June 13, 2011

The cats get the best seats in the house?

An evening scene on a cold winter's night. Our wood burning stove is the source of heat (and we cook on it too quite often). The chairs are drawn in closer, Yarrow is reading a book on the floor in front of the fire (she's reading "Little Women" for school). Sunny and Inkling are in the best chair (got to feel sorry for Inkling with his leg in plaster), our 'new' cat Minnie - who we inherited due to the marital separation of our good friends Julie and Trevor - is on the wooden chair. She's still a bit wary of the other two, but that will improve. John's successfully solving the crossword with the help of his porter gaff.

You can just see a bit of the new skirting boards and architraves that I have mounted around the room. I love the rich warm colour of the native teak floorboards.

A homely scene :-)


Louise said...

Cats always get the best seats in the house, it's why they let the humans live there. Is your daughter liking Little Women?

Dr. Mieke said...

She is indeed enjoying it, Louise. A nice change I must say from books featuring vampires and lots of blood.

The cats *are* magnanimous, aren't they? They even let me pay the mortgage and buy the cat food :-D