Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy times but here's an update

Lawdie lawdie, times are busy right now. Lots of (good) work happening at university, busy family, and so on!  But here's an update of where we're up to with the house restoration and deck/verandah building:
  • the roof is nearly done (wahay! no more interior dribbles!);
  • a fair bit of the exterior painting is done (guess who goes to lectures covered in paint spots); 
  • the gutters are nearly functional (but not quite: we had 70mm last night  which went everywhere except in the tanks);
  • the side louvre windows are in and looking fantastic (locally made by fenestrating joiners / craftsmen ...);
  • At the local recycled building material Co. I found a C19th oak door to fit the back door space  ...  alas it's been ravaged with 1970s vigour (eugh: it has to be seen to be believed: put your mind in the frame of psychadelic flowers, purple, green, afro and flares, but then in a 'door' context) .... but at least it's restorable...
  • the temporary railings are down in preparation for the installation of the real railings which have been crafted and delivered (by said fenestrators)... the temporary ones are the green diagonals you can see on the photo.
Sorry the colours of the roof are a bit washed out. It's usually green. The blue around the side room won't stay like that: it's insulation, and will be clad with hardwood. (Oh and someone remind me to take the horse feed drum off the fence post :-/  )


Anonymous said...

I am glad they are fenestrating joiners and not defenestrating joiners.

Looks good, love Kate

Dr. Mieke said...

Me too, for they would land in the fruit salad plant and squish the fruit that has been ripening for so long :-D

Anonymous said...

Then they would be fructifying defenestrating joiners!