Monday, May 28, 2012

Ballina to Byron marathon: some more photos

These lovely photos were taken by our team member Catherine during our walk.

Just after sunrise, just north of Ballina ... despite the cool look, it was lovely weather.

Coming over the headland from Flat Rock towards Angels and Boulders Beach. Lennox headland ahead.

This striking view of Lennox headland ... just stunning. It's a delight to walk in such surroundings. Lovely photo, Catherine!

Willa and myself striding along Seven Mile Beach (erm, it isn't seven miles long actually, it's a bit shorter).

Looking back on Broken Head... this is just past the 25 km mark. It was *very* tempting to go for a swim!

Coming up to Byron Lighthouse, about 32 km into our walk. These last 5 km were quite tough ... very steep and rocky in places and quite a lot of uphill work. After the lighthouse there was only one small headland to go (Watego's Beach headland). Once up there we had a bit of a breather at the lighthouse, in any case, and we were fortunate to see a whale breaching as well. I found that seeing the whale drove all thoughts of tiredness out of my head! We also saw rays and turtles, as the water was crystal clear.

It was a wonderful experience and I'm surely signing up for the marathon next year!

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Joanne Casey said...

Well done on that marathon walk, not easy I'm sure.