Friday, June 22, 2012

A short but lovely family visit

On our three days off John and I headed North to Queensland to visit various McAdam-esque relatives.  I love the drive: it's beautiful country and we while away the time nicely with music and reading. On our first stop we had a delectable roast meal and spent an engaging evening with John's stepbrother Peter Morfee and his wife Roselle; and the next morning were treated to a guided tour of Peter's marvellous garden.

Peter Morfee's garden: check out the awesome veggie garden there on the left

Loaded with various wonderful treats from Peter and Roselles garden and kitchen in the form of chutneys and pickles and other yummies, the next day we visited John's much-loved Mum Tuffy and her husband Tony Morfee (Peter's father), who has sadly been unwell. It was lovely to hug dear Tuffy again... and we do hope Tony gets better soon! 

Then we headed over to John's brother Peter McAdam and Peter's wife Bronwyn. I love visiting their farm... good company and a lovely location. One of the highlights for me was that Bronwyn offered to take me out in the sulky with the Australian Champion carriage horse, her very own Monga Park Whiskey. Bronwyn (champion trainer and driver in her own right of course) let me take the reins and showed me the basics of driving: what a treat!!

When I played Bronwyn, Peter and John the clip, Whiskey the pony showed great surprise and looked around for the trotting horse he could hear! Smart boy ...

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