Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No-dig veggie patch

Each year after the young chicks are reared and gone I use the patch where the chook tractor stood to make a new veggie patch. This year I've decided to make a more permanent patch in the form of a "no-dig vegetable garden". Seeing as our old water tank had collapsed, we sawed it into pieces (creating big O rings). One half we gave to Hans and Niki for their garden, the other half I sawed in half again to make the start of ours.

As you can see the chooks got straight in to lend a willing "hand" in turning over the mulch at the bottom. No dig indeed. Who needs a spade?

1 comment:

Gordon said...

What are you planning to grow in there? Aga f*kking panthas? :-) have fun Mieke! Hopefully Tazz's seeds will help you guys trough winter time! Xx