Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And they're off! Overseas trip for Tess and Yarrow

Well actually, by the time I've gotten around to posting this, they're gone!! Tess and Yarrow left last Saturday for a two-month trip through Europe with Hans and Niki. This isn't their first trip around the world, not by a long shot: in 2010 they went to Portugal and the Netherlands. But this will be the longest that they've been away from home and I shall miss them muchly.

The day of their departure dawned in spectacular colours!
They were pretty excited to leave and had been packing and repacking bags for about a week.

You can see how much they've grown since their last Europe trip
Myself and the trusty Subaru were enlisted to take Hans, Tess and Yarrow to Coolangatta airport for the first leg to Sydney.

All that baggage, with 367,000 km on the clock and going strong. Good car!!
At the airport I waited with the travelling threesome until it was time to go.

A pensive moment
Waiting at airports is always slightly awkward ... there were moments of stillness and moments of silliness :-D

Horsing around:-)

 And then it was time to say goodbye...

Me 'n my Tess ...
Bye girls, have a wonderful wonderful time. I already know you're *loving* Paris :-)

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Cees said...

Lovely piccies, Mieke! - Grey/White quite becomes you. Looking forward to see Tess & Yarrow again. It has been quite a long time. It's still pretty cold here, but sunny...