Sunday, April 20, 2008

Constables Tess and Yarrow

Today's post is supplied by Yarrow, aged 10:
This is me and my sister Tess pretending to be police officers. We were about 9 and 7 years old. That's me on the right there. We fined my mum for 'walking with a spanner' and we were about to arrest my dad for 'reading the newspaper'. It was very funny. This picture was taken by my dad before we arrested him. He also put it on a site on the internet for the world to see.
Love to everyone from Yarrow xxx


Granparentals said...

Dear Pip and Squeek, I'm very happy I was not in your neighbourhood when you arrested your parents, because you would have arrested me too - and I hate being in jail! Lots of love, Ongel.

Cees said...

The Amsterdam police would be very happy to enlist two such toughminded & seasoned crimefighters - just send in your résumés!

Sparrow said...

Hahaha!!! I'm sure they would want people who arrest people for reading 2 day out of date newspapers!!!
xxx Yarrow

Lisa said...

Haha, wasn't this when Milan was there too and you arrested him for uhhrm... Not helping me?

Love u! xxx Lisa

Yarrow said...

Does he still need arresting for that? :p