Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome to Moreton's Myth

What's in a name? The name for our farm was inspired by the huge and beautiful Moreton Bay Fig that graces the highest part of our hill here in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
The "myth" part of the name is a neat acronym of our names, suggested by an old friend, Pa Vader (Lisa's grandad), when Yarrow was born. He wrote on a little note 'And so now, the MYTH becomes a reality'. Clever!
In truth, we don't own the tree. The tree owns us.
Welcome to the blogspot for Moreton's Myth, where Mieke, Hans, Tess and Yarrow live.


rick said...

A truly beautiful place with truly beautiful people

Anonymous said...

Nice Site Mieke...

Greetings Manon Witsel