Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot property inspection

Inspecting the entrance
Mr and Mrs Eastern Rosella came for a property inspection last week, to check out the new rural development.

"Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou..?"
Mrs Rosella seemed quite chuffed with the architectural design and Mr Rosella looked satisfied with the terms of agreement.

"Lovely views from here darling ..."
They said they'd let me know their decision in due course.


Louise said...

Oops Mieke, they're Mr and Mrs Eastern Rosella. I won't tell anyone though.

Dr. Mieke said...

Ooops! Thanks Louise :-D
You can tell I'm no ornithologist ... Better stick to my day job!

Dr. Mieke said...

Fixed now!

Anonymous said...

Well good thing they weren't ornithorhyncuses otherwise they wouldn't fit their beaks in! lol, lovely photos, love ya xxx Kate