Monday, September 27, 2010

Peter n Bronwyn's party

Morning cups of tea at the campfire
Earlier in September my brother-in-law Peter (John's brother) and his wife Bronwyn put on a wonderful party to celebrate Peter's 50th birthday (and also Bronwyn's birthday too), at their property in Kandanga, near Gympie, QLD. I very much enjoy going to their place because I find Peter and Bronwyn to be lovely, kind, interesting people with terrific (shared) values and ideas, and they have such a great eclectic group of friends with whom one can have such genuinely interesting conversations. Peter and Bronwyn breed and train horses on their property too, which of course I am much interested in.

John and I drove up there in the Hilux, cruising for four/five hours up the highway in the sunshine, sharing interesting newspaper snippets or listening to good radio and music. We arrived in the early afternoon and caught up with family and friends (new and old), shared stories and campfire, ate, drank, philosophised (during which of course we solved most of the world's problems), danced and made merry till late;  and eventually retired to sleep in the loft of the barn/shed in our swag, snug in each other's arms. The next morning Peter and Bronwyn treated us all to a scrumptious bbq'ed breakfast with fresh eggs and bacon and crusty bread, lashings of hot tea and fresh juices and more campfire.

Alas we had to leave early afternoon on Sunday. On the way we detoured to Tony and Tuffy's (= John's mum's) where we picked up a welder very kindly donated by Tony who alas, sadly, has to downsize his workshop activities due to ongoing health problems.

Briony and Nelson = Yin and Yang

Claudia's kelpie Gidgee demonstrating the technique of "mesmerising the bacon"
I had a wonderful time: thank you Peter and Browyn, and my newly discovered family and friends!

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