Monday, September 27, 2010

Spring flowers :-)

"Yesterday, today and tomorrow" bush
These flowers are very close to the house ...  

This orchid lives in the old frangipani tree


Louise said...

I grew up with a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant in the yard. I always have warm childhood memories when I see one. Did you see Bondi Vet recently when they had it on? (Lachlan is addicted to it, I have to watch it you know). Anyway they had a story on about a dog that ate the seeds of YTandT and started fitting and was quite unwell. Turns out it's poisonous for dogs.

Dr. Mieke said...

Gee, thanks Louise! No, I had no idea it was poisonous for dogs. It's good to know these things because I have a dog who will eat many things ("Mmmm, interesting... concrete! Who knows, might *not* be poisonous!").
As we don't have a TV set up in the house I miss watching vet shows ... but in our busy lives, something *had* to give, and that thing was the TV.
Maybe Lachlan will become a vet? Does he know yet?