Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New kids on the block

We've been looking around for a new kitten, for ourselves and to help make Sunny happier again. Our dear friend Willa (who is a vet) recommended this lovely kitten through Northern Rivers Animal Services, a volunteer-run pet rescue and rehoming organisation. He was born at the carer's home in late August (the lovely carer supplied a whole CD full of kitten photos and clips!). He is Siamese in shape, jet black in colour, and he purrs constantly. We've named him India Giles Raven and he's here to stay :-)

Sunny's very happy with him and so are the girls, so to see!

Another 'new' arrival (well, appearance really) is the Eastern Rosella fledgling of the two rosellas who made their home in the nesting box I made. Unwilling to disturb the precious nest, I have resisted my burning curiosity and not looked in the box so we had no idea how successful (or not) the breeding season was for the young couple (click for previous posts).

Today Mr Eastern Rosella (we call him Captain Rainbow) the proud father was feeding his young one through the hole. I managed to get a blurry shot of the fledgling peeking out ...

Not to worry, the cats cannot reach the nesting box, and are locked up at night to help keep nocturnal native wildlife safer.

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Marc said...

India Giles Raven. IGR. Hm. I shall call him Igger.

- Marc