Thursday, December 2, 2010

Resuming posting and catching up

Every now and then Life takes over and Things get too busy... I know I've not been posting much recently. I was quite busy with work; struggling a bit with health issues (I think my immune system was a bit compromised after the huge flu I had this semester and I got a staph infection on my thigh which slowed me down and made sitting down eXtremely painful!); feeling a bit down. But much has happened these past weeks which I will post in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on the following:
- My parent's 50th anniversary - we celebrated their lasting love with a whole series of festivities over a couple of days.
- John and I took two weeks holiday. The first week we did some excellent renovating on the house; the second week we went on an exciting motorbike tour...
- The eastern rosellas are inhabiting the nesting box: hopefully nestlings galore :)
- Romany Ruby Smudge our foal is now 3 months old and is changing her foal coat for her new adult look: a surprisingly smoky mocha body on siamese-coloured legs. For those of you who knew Skaila: well, *that* kind of colour.
- John and I have 'broken in' Rascal the affable pinto, who thought the whole process quite amusing and entertaining. Much training still to do yet but he shows promise.
- Major building work on the proposed back deck is about to start with our small project crew of local craftsmen and  women. Very exciting and much looking forward to it.
- Lot Three, the third clutch of this season's rare Belgian bantam breeding program is due to hatch on 6 December. Several of Lot One are with their new owners, Julie & Jenko; and Kevin & Steve. Lot two (there was only one of Lot Two) is still small and is promised to Gio's friend David when she's a bit bigger and can have a mate (a lucky rooster of Lot One).
- An Axe-ident happened! My Dad chopped through his foot with the blocksplitter. Incredibly, he hasn't severed any major tendons or bones, though he did manage to go right through his foot. Though in much pain, he's retained his sense of humour: he told the hospital staff at the Emergency Department it happened in a "split" second.
Postings and some photos of various to follow.

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Marc said...

Ahhh, Skaila Brown, I know exactly what you mean. Like Skaila Blue, Boris Brown, Bru Grey and Pino Black, hard to get, although Derwent actually do a pretty fair Boris Brown.

Sorry to hear about Pap's hind foot. Tell him he's got it all confused in his old age - he's a dancer and a gymnast - he's supposed to have split calves, not split feet. And no, I'm not splitting hairs...

Thanks for the updates! Sort of a "news in brief", wasn't it?

- Marc