Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did you mean ...?

Well, no I didn't, but maybe, then again, maybe I did  ... ?   :-D


Marc said...

There's a lot of funny "did you means" around but this is the best! All the more because nag a ram is an anagram of anagram. And it was made by their anagram-generator. I think it's hysterical! Did you find it yourself?

Dr. Mieke said...

Hilarious, aye? I chanced across it when I was looking for a short sweet definition of 'anagram' for Tess, to explain to the nurses. Tess and I have been solving puzzles by text message. We were working on nine- and eight-letter anagrams for the following group of letters: L T A U F P C E U. Tess cracked both the eight and the nine letter words without computer help! Can you?