Thursday, January 12, 2012

Building update

Trevor our friend and builder had committed himself to getting the deck on before Christmas "so you and your folks can have Christmas lunch on the deck". Bad weather prior to the holidays made it seem unlikely, as there was much to be done. But the Thursday before Christmas Trevor turned up with a broad smile and a veritable gang of carpenters he had drummed up: five experienced woodworkers and a couple of young apprentices, who all worked like Trojans for us. It lifted the spirits to see these craftsmen working fluidly, good music playing on their portable sound system, and watching the deck come to life.

And sure enough, the deck was laid and we had a lovely Christmas lunch on the back deck, overlooking the valleys and hills of our Northern Rivers home.

Here's a photo of Tess doing some gentle calisthenics on the deck :-D. The wood is spotted gum, by the way: a native Australian hardwood.

Today (Thursday 12 January) two of the lads have returned from their holidays. Robbie and Slim have just started working on putting up the verandah roof structure. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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