Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday visitors: dear friends

You can't make new old friends. Good old friends, are infinitely precious. Kate and I have been friends for about 35 years ... Many precious shared memories! Kate and her husband Graham and the two younger children dropped by for a visit (Kate's oldest, Maddie, is best friends with Tess). As of old, we sat till late on the deck, talking, laughing, and playing music. Kate did much lovely singing, Graham played guitar (he's a fantastic player, and in open tuning at that!) as well as woodwind; and I played anything I could get my hands on (ranging from my 18th century flute, through tin whistle, recorder, clarinet, to guitar). We went through as many O'Carolan's tunes as we could remember: lovely! It was one of the nicest musical evenings I had for a long long time.

Sadly they could only stay a short time but it's a lovely thought to know that there WILL be a next time!

Here's hoping we see each other soon again Kate!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it was indeed a lovely evening my dear friends Mieke and John and Tess and Yarrow at your lovely farm. We sang ourselves silly. Not only did we work our way through O'Carolan but we through copious Coopers as well!

Love you all