Monday, May 21, 2012

We did it! The Ballina to Byron Marathon Walk

I survived the marathon walk! In our team of five ("SCUrriers"), we hiked the whole marathon distance from Ballina to Byron Bay, crossing five(ish) headlands along the way. It was challenging, but great (I was hindered by laryngitis and bronchitis; Willa ended up with a trapped nerve).

Catherine, Kathryn, Betty and Willa at the start
Our beneficiary: our local Rescue Helicopter swinging over the Bay.
A closer image of our rescue helicopter who accompanied our start.
Boulder beach coming up to Lennox
A closer view of the lovely Lennox headland

 At the 20km mark we stopped for a break and some lunch. On my sandwich packet (delectable roast beef, salad and beetroot sandwich), made by Tess Hayley Mol), was written "xoxoxo I LOVE YOU! xoxo ♥ POWER ON!! xoxo YOU CAN DO IT!" ... and inside that on the interior wrapping, written in ink "I ♥ U" and "STERKTE" .... Others looked on and one of our team said "my sandwich is nowhere near as special and wonderful as yours..." (I must say, I agreed ....).

Footprints in the sand: this was about halfway
Until the 25km mark we were well up on time, but after that we slowed a little: Willa's trapped nerve was really slowing her up...  The last headland, at the 32 km mark, was "a killer" as one of our team put it...

Coming up to Byron headland
Looking back southwards, from whence we had come: our starting point is in the far far distance (I think ... it might be out of sight)
The gorgeous Little Wategoes headland: a special Aboriginal sacred women's site

SCUrriers at the Byron lighthouse
I don't have a photo that I can upload of us crossing the finish line (when we did, I had tears in my eyes anyway) but the one above was taken at the Byron lighthouse, about 2km before the finish.

We finished the 37 km walk in 8 hours 41 minutes...  I admire our team!! Thank you Betty, Willa, Catherine and Kathryn, for a walk of a lifetime.

And we are so so lucky to be able to live and walk along one of the most beautiful and pristine coastlines in the world ... 


Eric said...

Respect ladies, to all off you (a bit more for my sister, sorry; she's family).
Tough track to walk on: sand, stone and grass.
Uphill and downhill.
I thought New York marathon was heavy but compare to your walk it was peanuts.

Dr. Mieke said...

Awww thanks Eric! Mind you, I don't think I could *run* either the B to B or the NY!! So well done you!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are lucky! Great photos. Good on you for phinishing. I am impressed! Did you encounter any donkeys on your travels?

Dr. Mieke said...

Heh :-) I can guess who Anonymous is. No donkeys alas ... would have been hilarious though!