Monday, April 22, 2013

Music, and more music! Folk, Blues, Celtic, Gypsy ... and more

I'm behind with blogging (been busy at work and marking assignments in the weekends) ... This is going back a weekend or two, but I still wanted to post about it! We had a lovely long weekend, absolutely steeped in all sorts of music ... (It's so good for my heart and soul to get back into playing music).

 A friend of ours, Phil Levy, heads a band called The Romaniacs.  They play original music which has been "inspired by Gypsy, Folk, Latin, Celtic, Spanish and Eastern roots grooves". I love their work.  Recently Phil initiated a new series of gigs in the Gollan Hotel in Lismore. The night is called "No Depression" and is run on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The house band, The Romaniacs, support a special guest each time. That Thursday it was the wonderful singer-songwriter Kim Cheshire.

Kim Cheshire takes centre stage and performs some great solo pieces
And here supported by the house band. I love this photo: lighting makes it looks like a Vermeer painting

Every now and then our friends Carmel and Shaun host a BBQ-and-Jam session at their farm.They have a large macadamia farm and frequently host Help-X or WWOOF'ers, who apparently have a wonderful time there (and frequently seem to return, bearing huge smiles, hugs and cuddles for everyone). On these nights we run a jam session - Carmel on guitar and woodwind, myself on the same (though usually more woodwind, as there are more guitar players around). This night our friend Malcolm came along, as did a chap called Ken Thurgate who I love playing music with as he knows many of the Celtic tunes I used to do with the Naughtons, and my two previous bands, 'Shakin' Hands' and 'Under Milkwood'.  Ken's especially good on the music by my favourite C17th composer, the blind harpist Turlough O'Carolan. John, coming along extremely well as a novice, played along as well. There were also other performances: poetry readings, song, and drummers. 

From L to R: John McAdam, Malcolm Young, Ken Thurgate and Carmel Warnock. In the foreground my oh-so-familiar roll with various woodwind instruments.

Love the backdrop of flags :-)

A home session, and a curry dinner! We invited my friend Tanya Nolte (who is a horsewoman of much repute, and a holistic therapist) and her husband Phil Levy (yes, you just met him earlier - see above); and Malcolm Young and his partner Rhonda Munro (who works with me at the university). Delectable dinner followed by lots of great music.

Malcolm, Tanya, Rhonda and Phil
 I love it that both Malcolm and Phil - both incredibly gifted guitarists - take time out to show John various techniques and strategies. John's an avid learner and improving daily.

You can sit closer together if one is left-handed and the other right-handed :-)
Phil's playing is so awesome it sets even the cat on fire!! Go Sunny!

The Romaniacs were playing an afternoon gig out at Sphinx Rock Cafe, in the heart of the Mt Warning caldera. As it's such a great ride out to there, John and I hopped on the motorcycles and rode out there for lunch. Once again, good food, good music, good company.

The stage at Sphinx Rock Cafe

A lovely ride homewards in the warmth of late afternoon. And thus endeth the weekend ...  What a fortunate life we lead ...

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Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

Ah ha you were in our part of the world! We are about 4km from Sphinx Rock Cafe - it makes a great local!