Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ruby's returned! Back to brumby training business :-)

My young horse training friend Ruby has returned from the state swimming championships in Sydney, after three long weeks away (she came sixth)! So, we got back to horsie business, training Elara ...

Milestones today:
- We led Elara over "very scary" footing, putting her in a slightly stressful situation (see video) - which she did really well after only three tries. This builds trust (in the pony) and leadership (in Ruby)
- Also, we got Elara onto the horse float. This wasn't as successful as the previous - mainly because of physical obstacles (float was in a poor position), but we did succeed in the end. The horse float eventually became a peaceful place for Elara.
- Mounting training: Elara, skittish, would at first not stand still for Ruby to mount. But we overcame that with patience. Ruby was brave about this, which I really appreciate.
-  Finally, Ruby rode Elara in a headcollar and saddle all around the lower paddocks, on a long safety lead (just in case). This really was the first big ride out. There were some challenges (e.g. when Nova, Elara's sister, came careening at a hysterical gallop over the hill to demand where Elara was, sending Elara into a tizzy). We managed ("OK, everybody, just BREATHE!"). It went well overall with both Elara and Ruby relaxed and negotiating rocks, gullies, hills and weaving in and out of a series of posts.

Great work, Ruby: I really appreciate your willingness, bravery and patience.

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