Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elara and Ruby update

On Ruby's birthday last Thursday, Cathy E. (Ruby's Mum), Tanya and I went out to see how Elara was going with Cathy Ryan the trainer. Pretty fantastic!

On the long lead, Elara jumps the barrels. Her second ever jump.

Elara's the King of the Castle and everyone else are Dirty Rascals (except Ruby of course)

Stepping neatly up the embankment
In case you're wondering, yes, Ruby's riding Elara. But at the  moment mainly learning horsemanship and handling, so that they develop a safe and respectful relationship.

Trainer with her two pupils, who are listening attentively

That evening Cathy and Ruby kindly invited me over for a yummy curry dinner and we did the birthday cake thing :-)

Blowing out the candles
A lovely lovely day. Thanks so much Ruby and Cathy E!

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