Thursday, May 9, 2013

Male bonding on bikes

John's off today on a 2,200 km motorcycle tour ride with his (male) friends, among them Dennis O'Brien who he met at university, and Paul who we met when we went on our bike holiday to Victoria. A 'boy's ride' :-)

I'm not normally keen on gender segregation for it's own sake but John really needed a break, and I cannot get away at the moment (Board of Assessors meeting at the uni on Friday!). Also, my BMW is at the garage having its throttle cable replaced (it was feeling poorly and needed TLC).

Here is John waving goodbye at 7am this morning:

And this is the route they'll be taking (you can click on it for a larger and interactive map. You can also click on the "3D" button and cruise digitally along with them):

View Larger Map

He'll be back by Sunday afternoon. Have fun and come back safe, John!!

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Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

A lovely itinerary. Hope they all come home safe after a great male bonding time :)