Saturday, November 30, 2013

Farewell Chicco ...

I wrote this post on October 15.


Sometimes, quite suddenly, one has to make a heart-wrenching decision. Do I keep you going, for my sake? Or do I let you go?

I let you go.

Thank you for thirteen years of unfailing companionship, loyalty, and trust. Thank you for guarding us night and day. Thank you for saving Yarrow from the snake. Thank you for making me go out on walks. Thank you for being there for everyone in the family, whatever the circumstances. Thank you for taking Radha under your wing. Thank you for carrying my wallet in town. Thank you for welcoming me home, every day.

Thank you for every iota of joy you have brought us.


Rest in peace now darling girl.
— with Willa Harrison.


Chicco was a well known and much loved community dog.  These were the comments and tributes to her on my facebook post:

Jesse Matthews-Cooke: Bless
Mike N Gio:  Oh noooooo. In tears as I read this. But it has been the right decision for Chicco - hard as it is. Rest in Peace Chicco.
Julie Barber: O hard hard time in anyone's life to say goodbye to a close friend and much loved pet. Rip chicco.
Liora Lalita Claff: So sad.
Chris Topher: Really sad news, big beautiful girl R.I.P Chicco may there be an abundance of eggs for you to graze on in your new fields ...... All my love to you guys
Susan Trinder: Aww:(:(
Samia Goudie: Oh i really feel for you my girl is 13 and i know every day is special with her still with me - my heart goes out to you - si sorry - hugs and a woofff
Samia Goudi:  Bless
RoselleandPeter Morfee: Such sad news, you have made the right decision. some people leave it far too long. Have no regrets and fond memories.
Heather Russell: she goes on young and firm running again in her new life.....filled with love and happiness from her old.
Mike N Gio:

Kevin Markwell: one of the things in our power is to give our animals a good death, Mieke. It's heart wrenching but it's also the right thing to do. To exit the world though sleep is a very good way to go.
Janine Evans: Tears in my eyes for Chicco .... tears in my eyes for my own similar memories free bewdiful pwuppee
Sita Roessling Xoxo
Mark Cooper-White: Oh no! Sympathies to you all. (I must confess I was worried I was reading about John at first...)
Tanya Nolte: Can hardly see to type through the tears :'/ So beautifully said Mieke & my heart bleeds for you & John. At Chicco's stage of life it is always the right decision but the hardest one to make. You gave her a well deserved easy passage from what has been a good life to her next life!! RIP dear Chicco & huge hugs to you & John XXXXXXXX
Jennifer Mark Kuhn: xx
Peter McAdam: It's been a big year at The Grange. Blessings to all and I hope you have good ceremony team. Love to all. RIP. You Say!
Bella Pearson Chooky x
Yarrow Mol: :-(
Maddy Smith: <3 br="">
Jacqui de Roo: Noooooo!!!
Robyn Rowland: oh no I hate these moments. I feel sad for you
Emma Clark: <3 br="">
Kees Huyser: Hugs.
Christine Hahn: Nooooo!!!!
Denise Notermans: Dear all I'm soooooo sorry to hear my girlfriend is gone!! sad..... Bear hugs.....YOU SAY!!
Amanda Shoebridge: Darling chooky... Love and big warm hugs for you Mieke xxx
Trevor Gale: Well written Mieke Witsel. Sad to hear Chico is no longer with us. I remember she patrolled the perimeter when we went camping or were down by the creek. Such a good dog. She was second hand when you got her too. You say.Chico. you say....very happy memories of that wrap the rope around the post and then unwrap it again dog. Xx.
Kel J Gale: You say chookie, you say ! Thinking of you all Mieke Witsel, Tess Mol, Yarrow Mol xx
Rick Nankivell: so sorry to hear it.a beautiful soul
Ani Nielsen: Oh deary me Mieke! This has been a tough few months for you and your family. Big hugs to you xx
Willa Harrison: I think she would say -thank you for being brave enough to let me go & loving me while I left
Louise Treloar: Beautiful.
Anjes Arnouts: Owh no.. Owh no.. Owh nooooo...     Rest in peace, you were the best dog ever...
Martina Diehl: Ahw, so many lovely memories, what a brilliant dog. And always a difficult decision to take. Lots of enormous hugs from me to the whole family! Goodbye beautiful crazy wonderful dog. Xx
Marc Witsel: Well, if you believe in that sort of thing, Chicco has so much good karma, she could come back as... well anything she likes, really. Probably another dog. Not a human being - we're rather sordid creatures. But she may surprise us all - look out for the next Mahatma Gandhi.
Sarah Milo: Gecondoleerd Mieke, wat naar! Ik moet er echt niet aan denken afscheid te moeten nemen van mijn hondje... sterkte! ;(
Peter John O'Connor: I feel - big time for you - I still cry easily thinking of our Gráinne.
Matthew John Hartley: love & light
Elisabeth Ann Wright thinking of you
Ivonne van Zoest: You had a tough decision to make, it's never easy! She was a gem! Wish you all strength and love
Bertie Kaal: Aw, she was a fantastic, adventurous, brave dog. So sorry for you! She will be missed.
Kevin Kik: Mali sends her love, she has cancer, so im getting closer to that dreaded day...
Abe Le Cerf: Good on you Mieke, well said and all embracing. Here's to our canine companions here on Earth and the unbreakable bonds and affections that we share in our lives together. Lots of love.
Julie Barlow-Gale: Thank you Chicco for making us smile. xoxoxoxoxox
Myki Baillie: I've known chicco since i was pretty little too, such an awesome dog who always slept on my legs, so much character and good will! you'll be missed but it was great to have you around Chicco

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Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

I've read through every single one of those comments. They are just wonderful, and must be a great comfort for you. But the most beautiful words ever written about Chicco were your own, in your post "Walking without Chicco" last March.

That was such a moving post. Over the months I've sent a few people with elderly dogs the link, I hope you don't mind. And I just reread it myself, and again looked at the photos. I wanted to make sure Chicco's path could still be seen through the long grass.

And it can. Chicco's there for sure, ahead, just out of sight, waiting for the day you finally catch up.