Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's day 2014

I am oh so very fortunate to have loving daughters. Here's a photo of my Mother's Day 'card' from Yarrow ...

The bottom right hand panel alone reads as follows:

My beautiful mother, I know this is an unconventional
card, however, we are an unconventional family, so I think it fits
You amaze me. You are always there, no matter what. I can’t understand how
you stay so strong – you are my idol. The way you do things is amazing. The amount of
effort you go to for me is incredible and I honestly don’t know to thank you so much
You are so beautiful and strong, the love I have for you is endless, never ever forget that. You taught (teach)
me the very best in life. Thank you. I couldn’t ask for a better mother. Happy mother’s day. I love you so much.
xxx Sparrow

I did particularly like the post-it (bottom left panel) in which Yarrow thanks me because she 'inherited my snort' (of laughter) :-D 

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