Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A small herb garden

Last February I constructed a small circular stone wall, covering the rough dips and holes and root system of a tree the previous owner had ripped out: you can see the early construction photo on this earlier post.

When the little circular wall was finished, John kindly organised a trailerload of good soil. Then we planted some herbs ... and lo, now we have a little herb garden.

It contains
• thyme (struggling a bit, maybe a bit too damp?)
• marjoram (looking a bit thin)
• basil (italian and thai, looking great)
• coriander (looking great)
• chives (coming along OK)
• curry plant (looking a bit sad, shadowed by tall Basil)
• chili pepper (verrrrry hot!!! The tiniest bit goes a loooong way!)
• rocket (oodles of it, lovely ... starting to bolt now)
• curry plant (looking ok, bit small)
• (new) oregano
• (new) sage

Elsewhere in the garden we have a young kaffir lime tree (looking fine), (new) french sorrel, (new) tatsoi, (new) mizuma and (new) lemongrass.

It's never seemed much effort: I made the little wall on a whim anyway, but it is quite rewarding.

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