Friday, May 9, 2008

Don't be fooled by his good looks ...

The one heading straight for you is 6 month old Rascal Darius, son of Xerxes the Arab stallion and the brumby mare Duchess. He's coming towards you because he wants to taste your t-shirt, consume the camera, shred your shoelaces and be patted. This week he has:

  • Demolished 2 soccer balls ("Why kick them? Chewing holes in them is *so* much more fun")
  • Fished out the pool toys from the pool: noodles, surfboard, fake crocodile; and bitten chunks out of them ("The crocodile tasted best!")
  • Flung the swim flippers about until they were shredded ("That is *heaps* of fun. Where can I find more?")
  • Shredded a saddlecloth ("Hey look, it's filled with cotton wool. Cute! Let me scatter this all over the stockyard for a fetching effect.")
  • Eaten the front door mat ("Tastes kinda like hay - why waste it by wiping your feet on it? You humans are so silly.")
  • Done a demolition job on the green tree-frog haven (I built it using the broken wheelbarrow and old sacking). The poor frogs were most put out and are now homeless. ("You don't need this roof, do you? Let me remove it for you, and tip the wheelbarrow over. There, now you're free.")
  • Chewed the antenna off my car ("Look, if I pull it, it telescopes outwards. Hmm. How far can I go with it?")
  • Pulled the cutter strings off the whipper-snipper ("Curious pink things, I'm sure they don't belong on a machine.")

Teenage colts: ya gotta love 'em.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The horse needs a job!

Maybe you could harness him to the TE20?

Cheers from John