Friday, May 9, 2008

The real workhorse here

Here she is: our Massey Ferguson TE20 ... More than 50 years old and in fine fettle.

Did you know: A TE20 was the first vehicle ever to be driven to the South Pole, under Sir Edmund Hilary? If you'd like to read about it click on this link:

And while we're on Friends of Ferguson heritage website, have a look at this article:
... Describes my life to a T.

A much later (Feb 2010) PS: for the enthusiast, this Ferguson is a TEA-20, serial no. TE A 474606. It was made in Britain in 1948 and was exported to NSW soon thereafter where it was owned for many years by the Kirklands family of the Booyong, Nashua and Pearce's Creek area. It stayed with that family for many years. doing sterling work in the area. After 2000 it was purchased by Dirk and Tracey of Houghlahan's Creek Rd. Dirk did some amazing restoration work on it. I bought it in 2008.

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Denise said...

Mieke did I ever tell you that when I was 16 yo.... that's uhm.... 36 years ago...... SHEESH!!!!!!!!! I lived in a village called Kwadijk, where I learned to be a farm girl. I gathered the hay, help milk the cows etc. but most of all....... I learned to drive a tractor. MS yup the massy furgeston of whatver.... And then when I took driving lessons.... I was desperately trying to find the lo gear and hi gear..hi hi