Friday, May 16, 2008

Then and now: Tess and Yarrow

The top picture shows Yarrow (left, aged 3) and Tess (right, aged 5), not long before we left Amsterdam. We were living in the Galileiplantseon and the photo was taken in the dining room. The photo below shows Tess (left, aged 12) and Yarrow (right, aged 10) as they are now. What hasn't changed are their dark brown eyes, their lovely smiles and their love for each other!

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DenisA said...

oh my world...... how well I remember,,,,, it is right now June 29th. 2008. It's 5 after 5 am in Amsterdam. I am watching the sun rise, the mist over Amsterdam. All is quiet. And my mind wanders over down under wishing they were up But no, this is where they should be. Love the photo...... brings back memories.. of Yarrow in her diapers with a snotty nose and Tess a mere 2 yo. WHOA. do you know what that means????????????? we have a 10 year aniversary coming up. It's been 10 years since we hooked up. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you heaps.......... love you bigger heaps