Thursday, July 8, 2010

Befriended birds in the backyard

The old big frangipani is outside my study (sunroom) window. This morning a kookaburra came and sat for a while ... and then soon after a blue-faced honeyeater came to the other side of the tree. The honeyeater kept hopping closer to the wary kookaburra, and then flitting away, and then closer ... and then deliberately hopped right up to the kookaburra and cheekily kissed him on the beak!

After that they were friends.


Louise said...

That is SO cool. I'm amazed you caught it on camera. Thanks for posting.

Dr. Mieke said...

You're welcome!
They 'played' with each other for about 10 minutes after I took that photo.
The kookaburra has been visiting more frequently since but I haven't seen the interaction again alas.

Joanne Casey said...

Everytime I hear about a kookaburra it reminds me of "Dot and the kangaroo"

Dr. Mieke said...

A good story, isn't it Joanne? Dot and her kangaroo had some good things to say about the negative impact of humanity on native animal life.