Sunday, July 18, 2010

Simple steps to stop your house falling over

In keeping with Queenslander building style, The Grange is held up off the ground by a series of tall 10cm square poles (called 'stumps' even though they don't look stumpy). One of the stumps had been shifting over the course of years and we thought it was time to put it back where it belonged before the side of the house started to sag ... 
John procured a very smart device called an acrow prop from his friend Peter C and in no time flat we had propped the side of the house up;
(see photo below)...

and repositioned the stump. See bottom photo. (Phew, that looks better!!) 

The whole exercise took about five minutes.

That's all I've done this week on the house / farm front as I've been quite ill with fever and flu and even walking to the chook pen was uncharacteristically arduous!

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