Friday, July 2, 2010

Various family graduations and completions

In Europe the academic year has drawn to a close, just about. Here are some updates on my European family:
  • Tess and Yarrow's sister Anjes passed her diploma as a beautician; which is fantastic news! She worked very hard for this. Great achievement, Anjes!
  • Tess and Yarrow's other sister Lisa has submitted her Master's thesis on social psychology and is celebrating by holidaying in the tropics with her partner Milan. Way to go Lisa!
  • My niece (their cousin) Esmee has finished primary school and has been accepted into the VWO (= HSC stream in high school). As you can see Esmee and her parents (my brother Marc and Karin) are pretty happy! Lovely flowers, Es ...
  • My nephew (their cousin) Nick has passed high school: you can see him signing his high school diploma in the photo on the left. He has been accepted into the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (= The Utrecht School of the Arts, which offers bachelors and masters degrees in fine art, design, music, theatre, media, games and interaction and arts management). Excellent achievement to get into this competitive university, Nick! Well done!

Congratulations to all of them! Hugs and champagne and kisses and cheers ...

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