Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday weekend

And what a lovely weekend it was!!!

It being my birthday, we *were* going to go camping at one of our favourite remote spots, Alice Flats on the Clarence River. But inclement weather suggested that would not be a good idea. So at the last moment we changed our plans (flexibility :-) ) and instead on the Friday visited our local historic inn, the Eltham Friendly Inn. On the Saturday we had a party, barbecue and bonfire at the Grange with friends and family, and had a wonderful time.

On Sunday - after sleeping in and having tea and crumpets in bed (aren't I *spoilt*?) we fetched our latest impulse purchase from a local garage sale (OK: we agreed to buy it "if it goes". Yes, it goes! .. a bit smokey, but nontheless sweeet... But stopping, now, that's another thing entirely! Anyone know a good VW brake specialist?). John and Yarrow brought it home with me following in the Forester (in case it needed a tow, but no, it does indeed go). The stopping technique involved a fair bit of handbraking and careful consideration of road slope. Some of the electrics don't work (windscreen wipers and indicators ... maybe though we just haven't found the correct button). The photos show the VW coming sturdily down the drive, and a small gaggle of girls (Tess, Bonnie and Yarrow) ooh-ing and aah-ing over it once parked in the side shed. Cute...


aofractie said...

Ha! Nice car!

Love from BKK Airport

Dr. Mieke said...

So you've arrived safe and well then? Glad to hear it! Have a great time on your well-deserved holiday you two! xxx Mieke