Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here's a clip of Saturn

Here is a clip showing my lovely mare Saturn (officially, the registered Australian Stock Horse named Perkins Classic). My dear friend Petra and I brought her back from the Laidley Sales where we successfully bid against the horse butcher for her. Petra particularly did a wonderful job of re-training this maltreated and nervy mare who would at first not let people touch her. She was sold to a woman who cared for her well but had too little time for her, and in the end I bought her back and have kept her ever since.

I have to admit I have a sometimes uneasy relationship with Saturn. She is by far the best riding horse I've ever owned, with a soft mouth and a biddable and willing, obedient character, though occasionally she tends to rush. I love her to bits but sometimes I'm nervous of her, which may be as much a result of my nature as her behaviour. She has been known to lash out and on the ground she sometimes can be quite rude and pushy (more groundwork, Mieke, more groundwork!). Once on her back, though, she's got the wonderful heart and I have had some glorious rides on her.

This 2007 clip shows her going to meet her stallion at Billinudgel (love at first sight?). The filly Promise was the result of this union (awwww.... )

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