Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work on the farm update

We've been tackling the vine infestation and have now cleared enough space to do some replanting along the border of our place and our neighbour Quentin's place. The previous owner of this place had chopped down the the Battistuzzi orchard (desecration!!), so we decided to reinstate some fruit trees. As John makes lovely lovely marmalade, we've planted a fair bit of citrus. These are the trees we planted (in a row): Nagami cumquat, Tahitian lime, Calamondin, Blood orange, Meyer lemon, and Pummelo (Shaddock).

Not yet in the ground are the Bowen mango, Avocado and Brown turkey fig... we still need to knock more of the dratted Madeira vine back (much as I hate using it, I've resorted to using Roundup). In the photo you can see where the canopy of weeds is dying having been severed from their roots using the snatch strap method (see earlier post).

The finished row looks lovely.

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