Friday, June 4, 2010

Yarrow's Junior TIP performance

You know, sometimes your child does something, and it's such a brave achievement, the result of so many hours of practice ... and then, your heart just wants to burst with pride!

Today, Yarrow attended TIP (= Talent Identification Program, funded by the North Coast Regional Arts Council - see more at this link). She spent the day in workshops and the evening culminated in an individual performance by selected performers. Last time she attended she didn't make it to the finals, but this time she did!

Yarrow sings "They Weren't There", written by Missy Higgins. She told the music coordinator beforehand, that she was feeling quite a lot of nerves, and the coordinator whispered softly to her "Just blow them away...". And then, after Yarrow left the stage, the music coordinator pulled her over and whispered again "See? You blew them away ...".

Well, yeah ... she did. She blew me away, too ...


Eric Witsel, the Netherlands said...

wow, sent in for Idols/Holland [Australia] got's talent/PopStars.
at least the 1/4 final is possible.
hope to hear more/a lot from Yarrow in the future.
great sound and a very pleasant voice to hear.
compliments for this performance Yarrow.

chindarah said...

Wow! Wow! and WOW1 THAT is so so !so beautiful Yarrow! i AM SO PROUD OF you, SO PROUD!!

Anonymous said...

I have very wet eyes,you are just amazing Yarrow. Love you

Anonymous said...

YARROW! you're wonderful! lovely lovely lovely. Don't you ever let me hear you say you're aren't again! >:]
Lots and lots and lots of love, Maddieeee :)

Anonymous said...

how gorgeous!!!!! I am soooooooo proud of you Yarrow... and when you are famous in a year or so, I'll still have some of your earlier recordings on my camera.. lol

Eef said...

Dear Yarrow,
A sustained and varied performance -I very much enjoyed your song - you did great!

martina said...