Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter solstice

Yesterday was winter solstice, and at dusk we let the horses through to their lush, longed-for winter grazing. John had slashed the paddocks just before the equinox (see this post), and then we had fenced these off to allow the grass and seed heads to grow. John filmed me letting most of the horses through to the larger paddock. The smaller paddock on the side is reserved for Nova who will have her foal soon.

We celebrated winter solstice in the evening with a merry bonfire, and the good company of our lovely friends Willa & Andrew and kids; John & Marre; and our neighbours Grace & Harry and their daughter Ella. I made a cheese and pate platter, mulled wine, pumpkin soup and garlic bread; and Willa made devilled eggs and sushi. We sat round the fire and quietly revelled in the moonlit night and the warmth of the fire and the company and conversation of good people.

I loved the gentleness of the day in its entirety, which to me was an exciting and deeply satisfying celebration in its own right.

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chindarah said...

Lovely to see! Very satisfying snort there ... :) x