Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun with Clarke and Dawe

I don't watch television ... Years ago, I found that my life was so busy (my own choice, but still), that something had to 'give', and so I simply decided to stop watching TV, figuring I'd access current affairs from my beloved ABC Radio National. The up side of this is that I have no idea who the current 'celebs' are (as portrayed in various women's mags such as No Idea, Women's Monthly, and the like), which frees my brain up for more interesting things. The down side is that I probably miss some excellent television shows, and sometimes don't know of people I wish I'd known about earlier.

Such is the case with Clarke and Dawe. John introduced me this weekend to these excellent ABC television political commentators / lampoonists. Bless him for this!! This intelligent pair humorously elucidate the sorry state of Australian and world politics. I especially loved these three clips:

Europe's financial crisis explained (Oh, good, I understand better now ...)

Abbott opposes this week (Our opposition party opposes for the sake of opposition, really... never mind an ethical or philosophical stance ... with very little regard for what really constitutes truth).

I hope you enjoy the clips!

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